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Welcome to Home Decorating Shop UK – The UK's premier comparison resource for home decorating ideas, furnishings and interior design tips.

Featuring over 17,000 products from 26 retail chains (click here for our full list of retailers), we cover the full spectrum of home decorating and DIY goods – and feature items of every type ranging from Household Appliances and Furniture, to Building Materials, Tools & Accessories, Flooring, Wallpaper and Wallcoverings and Garden Goods.

What puts us a cut above any high street merchant or company is that we act as a comparison site between all leading retailers in our field – this means that not only do we provide the full range of categories from all of the UK's top home and garden retailers, on one accessible website –  but that we are also at the forefront of the market day and night, consistently displaying the most cutting edge home decorating ideas, competitive product prices and most diverse array of furnishings and decorations to be found anywhere.

In addition to our wide and dynamic catalogue of products, you will also find, with us, a wealth of tips, facts and ideas published frequently on our blog (displayed on the top right of our homepage. Additionally, by frequenting our main page you get to benefit from our constantly updating selection of voucher codes - found on the left hand side of this page, under the "Categories" window.

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Every retailer featured on this website has been carefully vetted to ensure the highest level of security and reliability. As such, all of our featured retailers are fully trustworthy and accountable, their products are covered by the Manufacturer's Guarantee , and they may be contacted with any queries regarding  purchases of their items made via our site. Home Decorating Shop UK is itself held to the highest standards of security and reliability, and is a ShopperGuard Verified business - the banner of which can be found at the bottom of this page.

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