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Food For Thought

  • A Thought Experiment: What Do You Value Most?

    16 October 2012

    By Dan Wessels


    The economist Martin Wolf, writing in the Financial Times  (Wednesday, 3 October 2012), asks whether we may have reached the end of economic growth.   As in structurally and longer term,  rather than just in the cyclical "it's going to be a tough few years" sense.  Melodramatic, perhaps?  Well,  it turns out to be an… Read More

  • The Age of Home Improvement

    29 September 2012

    By Dan Wessels


    Whatever one's views on the short term prospects of UK house prices,  the following graph, which is based on data from the Nationwide Building Society (and published online by shows that recent trends have not been particularly buoyant.  

    Read More

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