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  • Top 5 Settlements From Ancient Times

    16 January 2013

    By Dan Wessels


    Since the dawn of mankind our ancestors have constructed marvels and wonders, and made homes and settlements the likes of which we can and should still find awe-inspiring today.

    And so I present to you Home Decorating Shop UK's list of  Top 5 Settlements From Ancient Times.


    Number 5: Atlantis… Read More

  • Top 5 Homes From Mystical Realms

    13 December 2012

    By Dan Wessels


    Greetings weary travellers, and welcome to a long overdue countdown. Here at Home Decorating Shop UK we have worked tirelessly to assemble a list of the top 5 most iconic fantasy homes ever found on the big screen. In this list we will take you from the rolling green hills and azure blue skies of The Shire, to the extraordinary landscapes of Narnia, and many a mythic realm in-between.

    So let the journey begin…


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